Seamless shade on Scarborough Lane

Let's start out with a quote from the customer: "Our back yard was so drab and ugly with zero shade before Texas Shade Sails came into our lives. The Texas summers can be brutal when it comes to the heat, and we never spent anytime outdoors because there were no shaded areas. We had all this outdoor space but it was simply not usable and basically wasted."

This project was special and a great challenge for us. The customer had a driveway and backyard with a beautiful pool. All of their prime outdoor areas were facing south and west which meant constant sun. They have kids and it was important for them to make the space usable and livable where they could spend time outdoor with their kids and enjoy it in comfort. They searched for ways to create shade without building permanent structures (car ports) and wooden or metal gazebos that quickly go out of style, require continuous upkeep like stain and paint, and that are too intrusive where they would basically end up feeling like they are still indoor. Furthermore all of the aforementioned options would also block airflow. For a good solution they had the following main criteria:

1. Non-intrusive with good UV block. They did not want bulky structures that make the spaces look smaller and that block airflow. The word they used was 'seamless'. They wanted seamless shade while still feeling like they are in the open.

2. Modern design that will stand the test of time.

3. Durability/Longevity. Something that will last many years and stand up to the Texas heat. Something that will not fade in a year or two like most off the shelf umbrellas and covers.

4. No to minimal maintenance. Something that they don't have to worry about for years (no fixing, no painting, no staining, no replacing etc. etc.)

5. No permanent structures. They wanted something that has flexibility and that they can easily and quickly take down in the colder months and put back up in the warmer summer months.

With the criteria in mind we got to work quickly. With state of the art GPS technology that tracks the position of the sun throughout the day we determined best shape and positioning of the shade sails. Once we had the complete design we presented it to them and obtained their green light to proceed with the installation which we made sure was seamless, to use their word, and hassle free. Our crew came in the morning of the first install day with all the required materials to dig and install the poles where the sails will be attached to. We leave the concrete where the poles sit to cure overnight. The next morning our crew came out and installed the shade sails and with that instantly transforming their outdoor space and making it immediately usable.

- The driveway where the cars are parked most of the time was now shaded and their cars were protected and staying cool.

- The pool area and the water in the pool used to get really warm in the summer months and without the shade sails they could not even use any of the pool areas during warm days and especially in the afternoon times of the day. Now after the install portions of the pool are shaded keeping the water temperature of the pool down and making it usable any time of the day!

- We actually ended up helping them install a sand play area and a mini soccer field above which we also installed shade sails. Their kids love it! Before they would never spend anytime outside and now with the sails in place their kids are always outside playing on the soccer field and in the sand area.

We are just very happy and thankful that we were able to transform this families' life and help them fully enjoy their outdoor spaces and most importantly utilize every inch of them. And in the end that is exactly what we are all about at Texas Shade Sails "making outdoor spaces livable with shade!" Here are some before and after pictures. Enjoy!



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